This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of Proggy Fun Goodness

This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of Proggy Fun Goodness

Fed up with endless disagreements with other group members? Are bottomless feeds boring you with very uninteresting content? Maybe you’re in the wrong Facebook group then. ‘Proggy Fun Goodness’ or ‘PFG’ (Abbreviation used by its followers) is a group dedicated across social media where the people are great and the music is sublime. Proggy Fun Goodness has managed to create a whole community and what could be considered one large family under the progressive house umbrella. Its family members are experienced electronic music fans, to be more precise, progressive house fans. With Progressive house experiencing a renaissance, this is why this year will be the year of Proggy Fun Goodness.

Progressive house begins

Hacienda Rave in the 90's
Copyright: ©Patrick Harrison 2015

Progressive house emerged as a sub-genre of house from the 1990s originally being driven by the scene in the United Kingdom. Supposedly coined off by journalist Dom Philips of Mixmag, it was being extended off as a new form of a sophisticated, evolving soundtrack in the dance music scene compared to the hard-core and rave scene in the UK and also the acid house and techno coming from Chicago and Detroit in the USA.

Progressive house was seen as invigorating with its melodic and uplifting builds and devilishly deep and driving basses. During its growth years, Progressive house could be seen conjuring as Deep house, Techno, Tech house and a wide range of other sub-categories of house as it breaks widely into so many soundscapes. Fast forward 25 years and the scene has had its ups its downs and we land where we are today and Progressive house is now in its renaissance period, it is on a big comeback.

Progressive Profiling

Its followers are usually renowned to have a long, ample history in electronic music and vast and extensive knowledge of music in general and the artists they follow. They have a sentient relationship with progressive house as it is in itself an artistic form of consciousness and expression through music, layered pieces of musical production that progress into landscapes of phonic panoramas with at times orchestral resolutions. This very attuned music taste and culture is part of them and of who they are, and in turn drives their lifestyles, their clubbing adventures (what could be considered openness and down to earth attitude), passion for knowledge of the scene (newest tunes, Artists, DJs, Equipment) and all of the above can often hit their wallets hard at the end of the day.

We contacted the administrators of Proggy Fun Goodness and spoke with Martin French to find out a bit more about what the group is, why it was created and how it has helped so many people along in their lives.

So tell me a bit about how this group came about? (The whole story, the ethics of the group big things that have come out from it, who curates the pages, events, guest mixes, etc)

PFG was created by myself and 4 others as a group dedicated to the music and the people of the progressive house music scene. Many of the other Facebook groups were dedicated to just one or two DJ’s when the whole scene is far more than that. We wanted to encapsulate it all as well as bringing the community together, all on one platform, and to give it the feeling of what it should be about, the fun meeting up with like-minded friends, listening to some of the best music and DJ’s in the world, and having a dance and good time with loads of laughs along the way.  That feeling of family and fun was lacking in other groups and is why PFG was created. Thankfully due to our members and the input from all of us it really is a fantastic place to interact with fellow music lovers.

PFG Admins at The Soundgarden/ 303 event in Liverpool July 2019 to see Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo bring the concept to Liverpool

How many followers on the group do you currently have?

At present we have just over 2.6k members of the group.

What are their backgrounds?

All the members have a love of the music and the DJs, we have many of the industries producers and DJs on the page who all interact with each other and it’s great to see.

What is the best part about being a group admin?

Being able to interact with so many other music lovers and like-minded people from across the globe, also knowing that the page has connected others on nights out and meetings prior to gigs that would not otherwise have met. I’ve made personally some amazing friendships from the people I have directly met through PFG.

What is the worst part about being a group admin?

There are no worst bits, our members themselves ensure that the quality remains high and I cannot thank them enough.

What does this group mean to you personally?

For me from its inception, I am immensely proud of what it has become.

Do you think that the digital realm has helped to engage the community of fans and in what ways have you used it to engage them?

Most definitely agree that in this day and age social media has a massive influence on engaging people towards the music and sharing the knowledge of new DJs and upcoming events. PFG has Instagram & twitter accounts as well as Music sharing accounts with Mixcloud and Soundcloud.

What has been your most memorable moment during its existence?

When we were asked to Co-Host the Origin Artist Extravaganza at the Brighton Music Conference in the UK this April, that was a huge moment for us all at PFG. We cannot wait for this event.

Have you as a group experienced any technical teething problems from the group and if so how did you manage them?

No, we haven’t had any technical issues thus far,

How much time a week do you dedicate towards the group?

I myself would spend on average at least 4hrs a day on and off so about 28hrs a week but can be a lot more than that.

What does PFG have in plan for the future?

There are plans to do a podcast and also in more collaborations with other event nights. We have more PFG merchandise coming out very soon after the success of our first t-shirt release. We also hope at some point to have a PFG night.

Prosperity from the group

On top of all the benefits of being a social network community driver, the Proggy Fun Goodness has almost managed to bag a cult following amongst big international DJs and Artists including Anthony Pappa, Steve Parry, Luke Brancaccio and many others who form part of the ranks and love interacting and being part of the group with fans and members.

From this love and devotion to the music and the scene, the DJs and artists also can be seen giving back to the fans including exclusive guest mixes offered for the group to post on the group page, first listens on new releases of tracks and downloads, early birds on ticket purchases and private invitations to one-off special events. There are also lovely gestures like this one below, a special present for some of the hardworking devoted admins. In this case it was a gift from one of Sashas team, and then Sasha signed it, a 1 of 5 printed test vinyl of an unreleased Sasha track that will never ever see the light of day due to copyright issues.

Sasha Track 10 vinyl
Sasha Track 10. 1 of only 5 vinyl ever created.

There has also been great community spirit amongst the members and when someone is down and out, the group can be seen to come together as one to offer their support to those who need it. There has even been a crowdfunding scheme that was heavily supported and promoted by the group when DJ Steve Parry (Selador label co-owner) had his DJ equipment stolen after renting it out. Thanks to the support from the group aswell as other sources, Steve reached his goal and was able to buy new equipment and get back to work doing what he loved behind the turntables.

Also pre-meets before gigs are a big thing, with members of the group choosing to meet up before a big gig. The DJs also like to interact on pre-meets.

So what is Proggy Fun Goodness? Quintessentially it is the soul of progressive house, the art of the music style that it is, the humanity of the people that follow it, the community that it drives together in love and support, the passion, the drive, the willingness, the sentient connection that all of its members seem to have to make them socially more acute as any barriers that may have been can be broken down with one small conversation about progressive house.

We asked the PFG admins a few questions to get to know them better.

Martin French

Age: 42 Place of Birth: Portstewart, Northern Ireland

Current City/place of residence: Antrim Northern Ireland

Favourite place to visit in the world: Thailand

Favourite restaurant to eat in the world: Anywhere that serves good food.

Electronic music style: Progressive 🙂

Favourite club: For a venue its hard to beat the Williamson tunnels in Liverpool. As a for a club , id always say Lush! In Portrush, it is one, if not the longest-running club night in the UK and Ireland.

Most influential Label:  Can’t dispute the Global Underground series did massive things for the scene.

Best Record of 2019: BOg Gheist – Venere (Fideles Remix)

What age did you first encounter electronic music and what was the first song you remember listening to? Specific tracks I’m not sure but what got me into the music as a whole was the essential mixes on BBC Radio one in 1995.

Do you think the dynamics of clubbing and electronic music have changed over the last 5-10 years and in what ways? As you are aware the climb of EDM pushed a lot of people away from the scene, thankfully the last 5+ years have seen a total renaissance of Progressive music and long may it continue.

What are your favoured labels? Selador / Bedrock / Sudbeat / Soundgarden/ Balkan Connection / LNOE .

Who is your top tipped new producer for this year? Kiz Pattison is on fire at min

Who is your top tipped new DJ for this year? Antrim mixes at min are spot on.

Niamh Mooney

Niamh and Neale

Age: 48

Place of Birth: Dublin

Current city/place of residence: Dublin

Favourite place to visit in the world: Ibiza

Favourite restaurant to eat in the world: I’d need to eat in a lot more places to decide that J Was always very fond of Eden in Dublin

Electronic music style: Prog, I like techno too

Favourite club: It has to be Pacha Ibiza

Most influential Label: Back in the day Subliminal, now I’d have to say I admire Bedrock brand greatlyBest Record of 2019: Antrim – Ataraxy

Neale Moore

Age: 40 plus 🙂

Place of Birth: Wolverhampton, England.

Current City/ place of residence: Dublin, Ireland.

Favourite place to visit in the world: Anywhere my family and best friends are.

Favourite restaurant to eat in the world: Fire Dublin

Electronic music style: House musician all forms, not a genre-bunny!

Favourite club: Space, Ibiza (RIP)

Most influential Label: Now? LNOE…. Then? R&S….

Best Record of 2019: Maceo Plex – When the lights go out.

Debbie ‘Debski’ Canavan

Debbie PFG Profile Pic

Age: 37

Current City/place of residence: Liverpool

Favourite place to visit in the world: Fiji

Favourite restaurant to eat in the world: Food cart on Khao San road for a portion of Pad Thai. Really can’t beat one of My mums roast dinners though.

Electronic music style: Progressive, techno and anywhere in between. There’s a beat for every mood.

Favourite club: The Williamson Tunnels and the Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

Most influential Label: Global Underground

Best Record of 2019: Nua Akuna – Jellow Mellow (Akbal Music)

What age did you first encounter electronic music and what was the first song you remember listening to? It’s got to have been when I was about 12, DJ Dougal (Bonkers) and The Prodigy (Smack my Bitch Up).

Do you think the dynamics of clubbing and electronic music have changed over the last 5-10 years and in what ways? I’ve seen a lot of people come ‘out of retirement’ and fall in love with the dance floors all over again. For me, that’s what it’s all about – good times and great people.

What are your favoured labels? Selador / Bedrock / Sudbeat / Soundgarden/Balkan Connection / LNOE.

Who is your top tipped new producer for this year? A couple of our friends over at PFG are doing wonderful things; Samuel Lamont and Kiz Pattison

Who is your top tipped new dj for this year? Nadia LDMN

Allan Lamont

Allan Lamont Profile Pic

Age: 39

Place of Birth: Inverness

Current city/place of residence: Fort William

Favourite place to visit in the world: Barcelona

Favourite restaurant to eat in the world: Hard question but something Indian

Electronic music style: progressive house and techno

Favourite club: Subclub, Glasgow, Scotland

Most influential Label: Too many to pick 1

Best Record of 2019: Bog & Gheist – Venere (Fideles mix)

Progressive house music

And finally, what better way to finish off talking about the group than the music, it is the instance that the members were brought to the group in the first place. PFG offers a service that no other can. No matter how good the coding is on Beatport or Shazaam, no one can fine-tune a music recommendation better than an avid music fan.

PFG has the capability to offer music on a level of 4 dimensions, feeding and sharing new material through all channels on the page whether it be personal requests, Track ID’s from a video, change of mood mixes, new labels and artists, or delving deep into historical archives for tape packs and tracklistings from the days when dance music was just beginning. Its members supply content so rich and avid in context, that when you look at the audio-visual feed from the group feeds, it is like your watching a magic progressive kaleidoscope.

You can check out this exclusive mix made for Proggy Fun Goodness by Anthony Pappy available at the Proggy Fun Goodness Soundcloud. They have several events planned in the future including Origin in Brighton in April and also Tinlicker in Belfast on the 15th May (a collaboration with Ubik Events). Tinlicker was also one of our top tunes of the week, have a listen here.

A big thanks to Martin, Niamh, Neale, Debby and Allan for their help in this post and if you would like to join the Facebook Group for PFG, you can send your request to join the Group via Facebook, you can also catch them on Instagram (Link below), Soundcloud (Link above), Mixcloud (Link below) and twitter.

PFG Facebook page

proggy fun goodness instagram page
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